Juliette Schatan Juliette Schatan
Principal Interior Designer
Curated by Juliette

Juliette Schatan has been closely involved with the world of architecture and design for over 25 years, and has been recognized in those fields professionally in multiple countries. Licensed as an Architect & Urban Designer in Brazil and holding a Master’s degree in Urban Design from the Netherlands, she also is an International Associate of the AIA. With many years of experience working on architecture and design projects around the world, Juliette’s skills extend beyond the technical understanding of design. As a good listener and a keen observer of the environment in which the transformation will take place, she is able to customize the designs to align with her client’s preferences, as well as with the spirit of the environment.

While living in Europe and South America, Juliette was inspired to expand her horizons in terms of color palette and materials she previously worked with. The colors and designs now seen in her creations include influences borrowed from Brazil, the Netherlands, France and California. Her interior design firm Curated by Juliette, specializes in elevated sustainable interiors and residential renovations.

Juliette Schatan is committed to reducing our carbon footprint on the planet by promoting an inspired by nature approach to design.